Tank Hero

Tank Hero sports a warfare style 3D gameplay, where you are featured as a tank that has to destroy the enemy tanks around, to get to the next level. Sometimes, the levels resemble a maze structure, behind whose walls wander, enemy tanks. The fire from the opponent holds up reflection through walls and with more and more completions of levels, the user unlocks lots of new weaponry and powers – the tendency to reflect your fire through the walls is one such power that unlocks later.

Tank Hero has an option to play the game in three diverse game modes: Campaign, Survival and Time Trial – each one of them concentrating on the chief tank battle combat, but the criteria for winning varies from mode to mode, and so do the combat strategies and battle grounds/maps. Tank Hero also lets the user opt for a world to battle in. Initially, only one world is unlocked, while the rest of the worlds await you to progress and get them unlocked.

Tank Hero supports more than one type of camera for gameplay – the follow camera, tower camera etc to name a few. The game also gives you the option to choose between more than one input styles, Swipe and Tap being the easiest to handle. The game supports vibrations on different occasions, making it more realistic this way. Tank Hero also gives the player his/her Stats such as their ranking, score, play time, kills, etc.

More importantly, Load/Save game is supported. One major feature that adds immensely to the game’s value, apart from the thrilling gameplay itself, is the support for multiplayer gaming, other than the conventional single player mode.

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