Try followme and find your friends easily.

followme lets you follow your friends and family online. It creates a network between you and your contacts based on your mobile number.


In order to follow a contact you have to first send a follow request for that contact. Then when the user, the request sent to, confirms this request (he/she can also deny) his/her location will appear on your google map under friends tab.


Whenever you publish your location information via checkin all your friends will see your current location on their map and will be able to reach you as soon as possible.

In order to followme work properly correctness of the provided information by user on register page is important. If you would like to be discovered by your friends you have to fill the register form appropriately. However you can update this information anytime later under help menu.


followme history tabThere is also a  history tab that lets you see your points of location history with their checkin dates.

Another important fact to remember is that followme never stores and shares your location information unless you checkin.

followme makes it really easy to see all your contacts with their published locations on a google map and also makes a list of visited places so that you can check them later.

The application frontend is developed using PhoneGap which is an open source solution for building cross-platform mobile apps with standards based Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS and JQuery Mobile which is  a touch-optimized web framework for smartphones & tablets.

The link for all Android devices over google play store is here. And the link for all iOS devices is this.

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Channel ListChannel Settings


ImageCrawl is a tool that lets you search images for a specific domain. I named each of these domains as a channel. It is based on a simple UI that lets you define new channels, save them and search through.



Behind the scenes ImageCrawl utilizes a crawler based on Apache Tika parser interface.

So whenever you get bored you can try surfing the web in a different way, just enter the address you want to search and let the crawler find out all the images.

If you are just interested in images with web and anything else is story then this is the application for you.



And great for reading comic strips too..

Here is a sample workflow



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Blow Out Monsters

Blow Out Monsters

Blow Out Monsters is a strategy action mobile game for mobile platforms Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. During gameplay the player has to destroy the boss or all the minions in case there is no boss monster in order to pass various stages, he/she will also enjoy a range of powerups and taste various powerdowns.

The game consists of three levels each containing 10 stages with both increasing complexity and difficulty. In order to be successful the player shall adapt different strategies to divide and conquer the monsters world. The intelligent monster behavior is simulated by a physics engine and will be enhanced with more complex monster behavior and more complex monsters in the upcoming versions.


Below is a sample gameplay of Blow Out Monsters.

The game is developed using Cocos2d, which is an open source 2D game framework, and also a free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine named Box2D in order to simulate the monster behavior.

You can find and install the game for your iPhone, iPod or iPad at the following link to itunes.

And the link for all Android devices over google play store is here.

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