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ImageCrawl is a tool that lets you search images for a specific domain. I named each of these domains as a channel. It is based on a simple UI that lets you define new channels, save them and search through.



Behind the scenes ImageCrawl utilizes a crawler based on Apache Tika parser interface.

So whenever you get bored you can try surfing the web in a different way, just enter the address you want to search and let the crawler find out all the images.

If you are just interested in images with web and anything else is story then this is the application for you.



And great for reading comic strips too..

Here is a sample workflow



ALIZ in House Team


Mojang tarafından geliştirilen ve yayımlanan Minecraft 18 Kasım 2011’de piyasa sürüldü.
Java (Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS) ve Android platformlarında oynanılabilen Minecraft’ta hayal gücünüzdeki herşeyi inşa edebilirsiniz.

Minecraft oyunculara verdiği özgürlük ile kısa sürede oyuncu sayısını arttırmayı başarmıştır. Oyunda; Creative,Survival,Hardcore olmak üzere 3 mod bulunmaktadır. Creative mod’unda sizi rahatsız edecek kimse olmadığından sadece inşa etme üzerine çalışabilirsiniz. Survival modunda ise yapmamız gereken hayatta kalmaktır. Hardcore modu ise Hard seviyesininde üstüdür ve bazı seçenekler bu modda kapalıdır.
Oyundaki en büyük yardımcımız craft box’tur. Doğru kombinasyon ve materyaller ile işimize yarayacak aletleri rahatça yapabiliriz.

Oyunu‘e üye olarak satın alabilir ve isterseniz browser versiyon olan Minecraft Classic’i ücretsiz oynayabilirsiniz ancak bu modda sadece inşa edebilirsiniz.

Blow Out Monsters

Blow Out Monsters

Blow Out Monsters is a strategy action mobile game for mobile platforms Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. During gameplay the player has to destroy the boss or all the minions in case there is no boss monster in order to pass various stages, he/she will also enjoy a range of powerups and taste various powerdowns.

The game consists of three levels each containing 10 stages with both increasing complexity and difficulty. In order to be successful the player shall adapt different strategies to divide and conquer the monsters world. The intelligent monster behavior is simulated by a physics engine and will be enhanced with more complex monster behavior and more complex monsters in the upcoming versions.


Below is a sample gameplay of Blow Out Monsters.

The game is developed using Cocos2d, which is an open source 2D game framework, and also a free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine named Box2D in order to simulate the monster behavior.

You can find and install the game for your iPhone, iPod or iPad at the following link to itunes.

And the link for all Android devices over google play store is here.

In case of any suggestion or any problem please write & follow our discussion board here.

ALIZ in House team

Tank Hero

Tank Hero sports a warfare style 3D gameplay, where you are featured as a tank that has to destroy the enemy tanks around, to get to the next level. Sometimes, the levels resemble a maze structure, behind whose walls wander, enemy tanks. The fire from the opponent holds up reflection through walls and with more and more completions of levels, the user unlocks lots of new weaponry and powers – the tendency to reflect your fire through the walls is one such power that unlocks later.

Tank Hero has an option to play the game in three diverse game modes: Campaign, Survival and Time Trial – each one of them concentrating on the chief tank battle combat, but the criteria for winning varies from mode to mode, and so do the combat strategies and battle grounds/maps. Tank Hero also lets the user opt for a world to battle in. Initially, only one world is unlocked, while the rest of the worlds await you to progress and get them unlocked.

Tank Hero supports more than one type of camera for gameplay – the follow camera, tower camera etc to name a few. The game also gives you the option to choose between more than one input styles, Swipe and Tap being the easiest to handle. The game supports vibrations on different occasions, making it more realistic this way. Tank Hero also gives the player his/her Stats such as their ranking, score, play time, kills, etc.

More importantly, Load/Save game is supported. One major feature that adds immensely to the game’s value, apart from the thrilling gameplay itself, is the support for multiplayer gaming, other than the conventional single player mode.


Defender boasts a simple enough concept: you’ve been tasked with the defence of a walled city against waves of assailants, using a bow and a seemingly endless supply of arrows. Should any monster reach your wall, they’ll begin bashing it down. If your city walls are destroyed, then it’s time to restart the level and try again. Importantly you keep any coins you’ve made in your attempt, so you can still improve your defences even when you lose. It’s rarely game over, merely a set back and a little frustration.

You’re not limited to just arrows; to aid you in your plight you can employ spells to wipe out several enemies at once. Magic is particularly essential when it comes to the boss fights – but we won’t give too much away about those, other than completing a boss without magic is nigh-on impossible. There are three types of magic at your disposal – Fire, Ice and Lightning and each one can be upgraded as you play; although unlike the other upgrades, improving magic costs crystals, and these are only awarded for completing levels – so buy carefully.

Coins you earn can be spent on upgrading your bow or crossbow’s abilities – initially to do more damage or increase the firing rate, although later you can choose to push back enemies, improve the chance of fatally wounding your foes or eventually firing multiple arrows at once. You can also upgrade the City Wall, which essentially gives you more life, or you can improve your Magic Tower – giving you more mana for your spells. Occasionally you’ll also win new bows, that improve your chances against foes that have increasingly tougher armour.

This is a game that only really makes sense on a tablet, as choosing where to fire is controlled by your finger. Prod a creature, or piece of ground, and you’’ll unleash a salvo of arrows at that point. Swiping around the screen will produce a pleasing arc of pointy death too, that also happens to help stave off the oncoming assault. As enemies get closer to your wall, your hand can often obscure any incoming waves, but this just adds to the tension. Juggling this with dropping spells on the legions of doom can be tricky too, although again, this just adds to the tension. Overall it’s a good idea, well implemented.

The graphics in DroidHen’s little title are are excellent. There may be a limited number of baddies, but they’ve been lovingly animated with plenty of character. The painted backgrounds are beautiful, as are the icons for the spells, upgrades and bows. The music is somewhat unremarkable, and the sound effects can be a little grating, but the game loses very little when played with the sound muted.

One frustration is that you don’t ever feel that you’ve really overpowered, and that’s even after you’ve upgraded your bow, towers, mana-pool or spells. Sure, you can take out a couple of levels worth of monsters with 100% of your wall’s life remaining and reap the healthy load of coins for doing so, but you always know there’s another boss level looming which will bring you to your knees. And some of these bosses simply feel unfair, until that is you unlock the next upgrade that pushes you over the edge and means you’re doing enough to damage to win through.

Defender is free. Free to download and free to play. There are small adverts, but these are never intrusive. There is the option of micropayments though. There’s the ever-present temptation to skip much of the frustration of boss levels by augmenting your crystal and coin levels via the integrated shop – offering anything from 8,000 coins to (at $1.99 a pop) up to 270 crystals (costing you a fairly hefty $14.99). You don’t have to buy these and the value you get from doing so is limited (especially on the later levels where coins flow fairly easily), but we can certainly see the appeal. You can only get those all-important crystals from completing levels, so there can come a point where you simply don’t feel you can get enough damage out to keep going, which is exactly when you credit card will begin to itch.

Overall, Defender has become something of a favourite for us here on EAT. It’s a great game that benefits from the space afforded by a large tablet screen for focusing fire on your enemies and for showing off the game’s beautiful artwork. We feel the core gameplay does need some tweaking to make it a real classic and stop it from being a relentless assault, but it’s certainly addictive – and that’s always a good sign that it’s a game that’s doing something right. Not perfect, but perfectly good fun for zero cash.