Blow Out Monsters

Blow Out Monsters

Blow Out Monsters is a strategy action mobile game for mobile platforms Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. During gameplay the player has to destroy the boss or all the minions in case there is no boss monster in order to pass various stages, he/she will also enjoy a range of powerups and taste various powerdowns.

The game consists of three levels each containing 10 stages with both increasing complexity and difficulty. In order to be successful the player shall adapt different strategies to divide and conquer the monsters world. The intelligent monster behavior is simulated by a physics engine and will be enhanced with more complex monster behavior and more complex monsters in the upcoming versions.


Below is a sample gameplay of Blow Out Monsters.

The game is developed using Cocos2d, which is an open source 2D game framework, and also a free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine named Box2D in order to simulate the monster behavior.

You can find and install the game for your iPhone, iPod or iPad at the following link to itunes.

And the link for all Android devices over google play store is here.

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